How to get PLN 5,000 for business support from the government?

We have already written here that among the measures taken by the Polish Sejm to support the economy, there is a clause on loans up to PLN 5,000 for micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed people. So here we are. The information leaked out that such a loan would be available to
cancel, in other words – the bank will forgive the borrower. We have never stood aside from trends, so we also took advantage of this offer. Next, we will tell you in detail who can borrow the 5,000 and what you need to do to avoid having to give it back.

  • You already have a business. Microcredit is designed to support an existing business (opened until March 2020), not an easy start for newcomers.
  • If you do not close your business within 3 months of receiving the loan, you are exempt from loan obligations, i.e. you do not owe anyone else anything. An application for loan cancellation is included in the business introduction report.

In order to obtain a microcredit, you must submit an application (you can find a sample at, where you need to submit it). You can also take the documents directly to your voivodeship’s PUP.
Somehow this is the case. Have you already taken advantage of the business benefits? Tell us about your experience in comments

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