Working recipes for business. Your todo-list for quarantine

Business on pause. The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs do not even stutter about profit this spring: in the current situation, getting to zero and not closing is a program-maximum. You can deny it, still be angry, or you can accept the situation as it is and start implementing Plan B, if of course you have it. Practice has shown that life has not prepared any of us for this. All the better! Being in the same boat, businessmen are more likely to develop a universal strategy to save companies – no matter how spinning, one head with an entrepreneurial streak is good, and millions are better. The first steps have already been taken! In this material, we have collected practical recommendations from businessmen on a todo-list so that you will know what to do in quarantine for the benefit of your business. Take a note for yourself.

Communicating with your audience in social networks. Now is the best time to work on your loyalty and revitalise your subscribers. By the way, have you noticed how the representatives of the service sector have livened up? Videos about removing gel-lax and thickened eyelashes at home alone are gaining millions of hits! How will this help their company? Simple: such viral videos draw attention to the Facebook page, increasing its output on demand and recognisability among users. New subscribers will also come for useful and creative content. Think about what you can give people in these difficult times? Can you tell them how to change the oil in their car or make a print on an old T-shirt?

Prepare photocontent and video for social networks and the website. Have you put off preparing beautiful photos and videos for the online shop? It’s time to do it! It’s not difficult at home to organize a photo-zone for object photography with a Watman and a lamp. Put out your light, arm yourself with a camera and go ahead – who knows when else you will have this opportunity?

Finally enter the marketplaces, if you haven’t already done so. OLX, Allegro, Otomoto or Otodom are like shopping centres, only online. To sell here, you will again need beautiful photos, and you will also need reviews. Lifehak: your friends also miss being quarantined, so take their case: ask them to leave you feedback on the marketplace.

Launch the shares to stimulate sales. It seems that customers are lurking and in no hurry to spend money. There is a tendency, but you can shake them up with special price offers. It is wrong to sit on a product and keep thinking that sales will catch up after quarantine: analysts say that consumer appetites will be modest until the end of the year. And, of course, arrange for delivery to the door if you haven’t already thought about it. This factor is now becoming decisive in closing the deal.

Optimise purchases to produce your product. The borders are closed, and if you, for example, are busy with flowers, the question of “where to get tulips” no longer lets you sleep at night. The same is true for other manufacturers. You can buy up your leftovers, or you can start looking for suppliers of local alternative materials. In addition, by making raw materials cheaper and preparing a budget line of products, you will save customers for this period.

And if it is global, then think seriously about what your business model should be tomorrow. Until recently, it seemed a luxury to company owners to invest in the development and promotion of mobile applications. Now there is no doubt that what was secondary yesterday has become desperately needed today, and to talk about further development, you need to adjust to the new realities of business. It will not become the former any more.