The best advertising made in Poland.

Advertisers from the CIS will say that creativity does not sell in Poland. Yes, local people approach the purchase of a product in a rational way: benefit, quality, consistency – these are the constant principles that guide Poles. And music, as you know, is ordered by the one who pays. Despite the fact that local agencies are conservative in their approach to advertising, and their work is very rarely seen at professional European festivals, Polish marketing experts are also not a big shot. See for yourself! In our material, you will get to know the most interesting commercials made in Poland. Sound ON! of the Cannes Lion in 2018, a video from Warasw

The Christmas theme is a win-win solution for good advertising. This video with a cute Polish pan in the title role brought Warasw Bardzo not only a reward from a major online retailer Allegro, but also recognition from colleagues – in 2018 the video took the Cannes Lion! And you say the awards of international advertising festivals are only being filmed by Poland. chip advertising looked good at Nights of the Eaters Advertising

The Christmas theme is a win-win solution for good advertising. In 2008, it was included in the programme of the film show Night of Advertising Eaters. It’s rocking, isn’t it? slogan of this video: Repair can be terrible! We will make it worthwhile.

Another funny video labeled “made in Poland”. For the local market, the OBI chain of construction shops approached the agency 180heartbeats + JUNG v. for an idea. MATT. Humour sells well.

Everything is ingeniously simple. A normal advertising page helped Poles to check that the ventilation openings in their houses were in good condition.

Final. Advertising is not just about money. This advertising brochure can be more than just a catalogue of promotional items. We give a standing ovation to the Polish branch of the Gray Group agency, which has raised the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning in the country by uniting fire services with business. Marketers have suggested that large retailers print an elementary guide on the last page of the promotional newspaper that could save everyone’s life. It is not the first year that people living in Poland have known how often people die from carbon monoxide here. So here we are. Tearing the page from the advertisement and putting it to the ventilation opening, it is easy to see if there is a communication problem in your house. Hold on – sleep well, fall – you’re in a risk group.

Do you still think that in Poland they can’t do advertising creativity?