How do you take off on a wave of panic? Branches of business with strong coronavirus immunity.

The crisis came when they were not waiting. Already today, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world economy to sink heavily. But sad global statistics are no reason to despair of small fish. Do you remember how Rozetka, Ukraine’s largest online shop, was shot during the 2008 crisis? Even today, its founders say that if there had not been an economic downturn in the country at that time, there would be nothing to talk about.  What do we want to say? Stay calm and open the right business at the right time. Let’s think together about who, apart from pharmacy, can make a difference in the current environment. What kind of business will not only stay afloat, but also rise on the wave of coronavirus? These are the industries that analysts are highlighting:

Online shops.

Quarantine and total self-isolation rule the ball – keep this vector in your head as you develop your business. While hotels and restaurants are empty, shopping centres close down and the showrooms of luxury brands suffer monstrous losses, sales of online shops are only growing. Just because people are sitting at home does not mean they are not shopping at all. It just happens online. And if it used to be desirable for small businesses to be online, now it is not even discussed. If you don’t sell online, you don’t sell anywhere.

Courier services.

Quarantine has just begun, and home delivery services are already overloaded. Here you have a quiet start to a business where competition is not as intense. The user leitmotif is such that once you order what you need from a pharmacy or supermarket, you won’t want to go back to the shop. It is convenient, fast and without extra effort. Customers and delivery service are on the plus side.

Logistics companies.

With the advent of quarantine, people try to stock up on mass demand goods. Trade turnover grows and there is an increased demand for logistics services. To enter this area, you ideally need to be a logistician to understand and competently build business processes, but the option with an experienced employee will also work. You build relationships with road carriers, warehouses and, most importantly, client companies and earn good money.


Offices are also quarantined, but nobody cancelled the job! That’s where all the developments of the online revolution will be needed: messengers like Slack, remote access services like Team Viewer. The demand for non-cash payment programmes will also increase – as this whole coronovirus situation has shown, banknotes are one of the means of transmitting the disease. Entertainment will also move into the field of home theatres and online stores – you have already subscribed to Netflix this weekend, haven’t you?