Save our business or what to do if the coronavirus has put an end to your business?

Sectors of the economy that have been out of business due to the COVID-19 epidemic are particularly affected. Only the lazy one did not list them, so we decided to go the other way and look for lifeboats in advertising tools for businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy.



The only people who are interested in travelling today are those who are stuck in another country and are looking for a way back home. The practice of frequent flight cancellations has already resulted in a record-breaking jump in search of information on the internet. People also ask Google what restrictions apply to airlines. Look at the statistics and make adjustments to your advertising campaigns in Google Ads. Among other things, internet marketers recommend that travel companies add new minus words about COVID-19 and flight cancellations, and promote cheap flights with a flexible cancellation and date correction system. There is now at least some demand for them in this area. There is also insurance. Ukrainian tour operators are already practicing the sale of coronavirus insurance, as a service, and do it properly. Customers will definitely appreciate such a move.

Bars and restaurants.

Since the beginning of March, this area has already heavily subsided in search and conversion. While restaurants have descended by 18% and 59% respectively, nightclubs and bars by 26% and 57%. Long live self-isolation and alcoholism alone! If restaurants are still somehow twisting around, cooking for food delivery services, the bartenders have a very tight schedule. The only thing that comes to mind is a closed YouTube channel with paid access, where a bartender in slippers and a bathrobe will drink and talk for the soul. Loneliness will increase, so it’s not even an idea to save the bar.

Sports and fitness.


Gymnasiums are now closed. We are not going to swim fat! Even though you can now cut through your bathing shorts in foreign resorts only in your sleep, the scouts are not ready to say goodbye to a good shape. While the number of conversion requests for “sports goods”, “fitness rooms” and “sports matches” has dropped dramatically, online programmes for sports at home have shown a good recovery. It is high time to design training programmes with video lessons and PP recipes and sell them online.


You are probably already reviewing the best concerts of your favourite bands online too? Yes, the organisers have postponed the buoys and festivals indefinitely. What can you think of? Interactivity with performers in flat format – why not?


The search conversion of training activities has fallen by 33% since the coronavirus outbreak and continues to crawl down. However, demand for webinars has increased – take it and do it. There are plenty of platforms online for remote learning, so why don’t you move the planned speakers’ performances there as well? This format of conferences does not limit you, as a rented hall, in the number of seats and saves on travel and accommodation costs for lecturers.

Industry and construction.


Facilities where work was already in progress have been suspended – developers have laid low. The same is waiting for the industrialists: the speed is not the same, the epidemic is screwing the nuts of large machines. In these difficult times, we advise these industries not to leave context advertising and to continue working on organic output in search. If PPC helps maintain sales at the right level, SEO is a long game for the business that has come to stay forever.

Do not give up! The crisis will end anyway. Think now about the time you won’t get back, and use quarantine as effectively as possible for business. Who knows, maybe this step backwards is a jump stop.